Who are TSPN Clothing?

TSPN Clothing Ltd was founded in 2017 by football fanatics who found themselves on an unfulfilling career path.

We are based in the United Kingdom and are a fully-registered private limited company (#11498779).


What do TSPN Clothing do? 

We are retailers of retro & classic football shirts from  across the world. All of our products are original unless otherwise stated in the product description.

Want to know more? Simply take a look for yourself here!


Why was TSPN Clothing launched?

  1. We have an [unhealthy] football obsession. All countries, all leagues, all drama and all the passion. We are based in the UK yet our football addiction has no boundaries.
  2. We dislike corporate slavery. All suits, all ties, all video conferences.

With those things in mind - TSPN Clothing was created. 

Every football shirt tells a story - that's simply a side-effect of football. Viewing a football shirt should not only make you think about the design of the shirt but also when it was worn, what was achieved and by which particular players from the past.  


How can you contact TSPN Clothing?

If you have any questions about us, our products or shipping, simply get in touch via @TSPNClothing or using the Get in Touch form.

Our customers are our priority, so do not hesitate to ask us anything! 





TSPN CLOTHING LTD is a registered private limited company in the UK (company number 11498779).