'Round Up' for Charity

 Charity number: 1139916


Here at TSPN Clothing we know, however hard it may be to believe, that there is more to life than rare & vintage sportswear. 

This world is far from perfect and nowadays there are more stressors and triggers that have a negative or strenuous effect on our mental health than ever before. As humans beings, our knowledge and experience surrounding mental health is extremely limited compared to that of physical health, which is ultimately creating an expanding void in available treatments and services for those who require them.

How can we help?

Right now, one in four people in the UK is living with a mental health condition. That’s nearly 15 million people with an illness that affects their wellbeing, their relationships with family and friends, and their ability to work. For many the experience can be painful, exhausting and isolating.

As a result, we have implemented aa new "Round up" function on our Checkout page that allows all of our customers to round up their purchase to the nearest whole GBP (£) amount. This amount will then be donated to the MQ: Transforming Mental Health charity

Find out more MQ and what they do by watching the short video below: 

Here at TSPN Clothing we support MQ's vision and aims as they find better ways to understand, treat and hopefully one day prevent mental illness. We hope that you can help the cause too through every purchase.

Happy shopping!